Stainless Steel Safty Glove

Stainless Steel Safty Glove

Stainless Steel Safty Glove

Stainless Steel Safty Glove     Stainless Steel Safty Glove

BEST MATERIAL -- Made from 100% highest-grade 316L STAINLESS STEEL (100% NEVER RUSTY) with hermetically sealed micro plasma welds, the steel mesh is impressively pliable.

FOOD GRADE-- Glove to protect against cuts when preparing food, sharpening knives, or cleaning blades, Not only does the glove protect your hands from sharp knives, but it also makes it easier to hold onto slippery food.

AMBIDEXTROUS -- Glove will fit either hand. Easy to clean -just wash your hands with the gloves on or you can put it into dishwasher to clean.

SECURE -- The tapered fit and adjustable wrist clasp ensure a secure, comfortable fit that won’t slide or fall off. Well fitting safety glove whether it's shellfish, meats or whatever you're slinging a knife for.

ENDLESS USES -- The chainmail glove is designed to be worn with internal insulating gloves or alone so that you can cut, chop, slice, butcher, and filet any meat at any temperature

.Stainless Steel Safty Glove

Stainless Steel Safty GloveStainless Steel Safty Glove




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