The correct installation and placement method of the mesh box of the embankment.

Stone cage net box plays an important role in water conservancy project and river bank slope protection project, and the correct placement of the cage net is particularly important. So how do you put the cage cage more secure and secure? We need to choose the suitable location for placement in combination with the actual embankment condition, but generally we can divide into the following four steps:
1. The surface of the slope surface is processed to remove some stones and loose debris that may slide, and remove the weeds above.
2. Spread the whole roll of the stone cage from the top of the slope.
3. Set the cage net box and slope face firmly.
4. Fix the stone cage net at the top and bottom of the slope. In order to prevent the overall slide of the cage net, we need to set obstacles on the slope.
According to the above four steps, it is necessary to ensure the correct installation position of the cage net box. In the construction operation, the second step is more difficult, because it needs to be aligned with the edge of the network. If the special situation is not properly aligned, we can also use a sling from the bottom of the ramp and then use the hook to lift it to the appropriate position.
Next, we will introduce some technical parameters: galvanized stone cage net generally adopts low carbon steel wire, allowable tolerance 0.06mm, hot dip galvanized stone cage net coating thickness of 245g/m2, steel wire tensile strength 350-550n /mm2. The elongation rate of unstretched wire is not greater than 12%, and the elongation after stretching is not greater than 2%.
How to distinguish the quality of the cage net box?
When we buy the net, we can tell whether the quality is good or not.
First of all, we analyze from the material of the stone cage net, the material is generally divided into: hot galvanizing wire, zinc-aluminum alloy wire, plastic-plastic wire. The hot dip galvanized wire and zinc alloy wire can not be separated by the naked eye, but we can detect by professional means.
Second, we check whether the twisted steel wire meets the requirements of the drawing.
Finally check the appearance: whether the mesh is flat, measure whether the mesh size fits the engineering requirements.

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