Stone cage net is used to slope shoring of foundation pit supporting perfect advantages

Stone cage net metal mesh especially widely used field, its structural advantage in flood control seismic has played a very good effect, in the land of xinjiang, sichuan, etc stone cage net is one of the most popular wire mesh, have to say stone cage net itself structure in accordance with these characteristics, this is more greatly saves manpower and money, also very fast on the progress of the completion of the project the project done. The following factory jinzhoushi cage net to introduce the stone cage net can be applied.
Stone cage net, gabion cages can be used in the slope support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface net-suspended spray, slope vegetative guarding block (green), railway highway isolation, it can also make luggage, gauze pad, used in rivers, DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection, reservoir, river closure with a box. The most serious hazard of the river is that the water runs along the river bank to destroy it, causing flooding, causing a lot of loss of life and property and a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, the application of grid structure is one of the best solutions when dealing with the above problems, which can make the riverbed Banks permanently protected.

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