China is glass screen printing industry will usher in a new take-off.

In the traditional sense, people's understanding of printing is limited to printing on paper, but there is still a special printing in this industry, which is glass screen printing. Application and market prospect of screen printing plate glass screen printing plate glass is widely used in every corner of our life: you can in the display window, building space partition, building appearance beautification, the place such as car windshields and Mosaic glass easily find them. Now, with the improvement of people's living standard, this will expand the demand for this market and promote the development of glass screen printing industry.
Glass screen printing, is the use of screen printing plate, use glass glaze material, in the glass products decorative printing. Glass glaze is also known as glass ink, glass printing material, it is the paste material, the link material mixed and stirred to form paste. The coloring materials are composed of inorganic pigments and low melting point flux (lead glass powder). The link is in the glass screen printing industry commonly known as the oil. After printing glass products, to put in the furnace, in the temperature of 520 ~ 600 ℃ fire, printed on the surface of glass glaze on the glass to consolidation, form the colorful decorative pattern. If the silk screen and other processing methods are used, the result will be more ideal. For example, polishing, engraving, etching and other methods can be used to process the glass surface before or after printing, which can double the printing effect.
Glass screen printing industry is the joint industry, compared with the end consumer goods, the glass screen printing products are lucrative, enter the bar low, accumulate fast. With the development of economy, China's glass screen printing industry has entered a rapid development period, and the glass screen printing industry has covered almost all industries that are developing rapidly at home.
Glass screen printing is so popular, mainly because it involves the industry field is very broad, mainly textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, electronics, paper flowers panels, glass, CD, packaging printing, advertising and other industries. Especially with the rapid development of technology in recent years, the rapid development of IT electronic products has led to the development of glass screen printing industry in the field of technology. In electronic products, PCB is the most used screen printing, including flexo FPD in China. Screen printing technology in the electronic industry needs deeper content, in terms of functional, must satisfy the electronic products in the current, resistance, capacitance and inductance necessary induction conditions, in the aspect of precision accuracy requirement of the electronic screen printing has increased to the micron level. With the development of science, it is only a matter of time before screen printing reaches nanometer precision screen printing technology.
In addition, the electronic glass screen printing has created a new industry, the industry to get rid of the traditional glass screen printing processing small mill production mode, on the scale, new technology, automation development direction. And the electronic information industry is the national screen printing brand to mature high-end field.

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